LIFX Z-TV Backlight Apple HomeKit Smart Home Bulbs vs other cheaper options

Last year when working from home, I wanted to invest in a good back-light for my Webcam.

I reviewed two options – either buy a decent LIFX Apple HomeKit Backlight, or a cheap Cygnett Selfie Ring.

I bought both, so I could review which is best.

Verdict: Instead of getting a selfie ring, it’s a more elegant solution to invest in backlighting for your computer monitor AND it’s easier on your eyes too. AND you can set it to automatically come on during your work hours.

LIFX Z TV Backlight

After one week of using the LIFX Z-TV strips, I went all out and bought 4x more. They’re amazing.

It’s design time.
Late at night, I’ve configured the light to automatically adjust to a deep red glow, with Apple Siri Shortcuts.
I love being able to adjust the light to suit my mood.
I created an indoor garden, which has survived 4 months indoors – only with LIFX artificial lighting.
Apple Home app allows me to setup different Scenes and schedules – AMAZING.
Good, balanced, adjustable lightingAlways-on power (actually very low energy impact)
Apple HomeKit, Siri enabledPermanently fixed (3M strips)
Easy on the eyes, good for long meetings
Infinitely adjustable via App
Great for Wide-screen monitors

Gygnett Selfie-Ring

The Cygnett Selfie-Ring might be suitable for quick make-up tutorials, but it’s far too stressful on the eyes.

Portable, USB designVery bright, hard on the eyes
Good for occasional, short-videosNeeds a power source, e.g. USB battery pack
Clamp isn’t easily adjustable

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