Dyson Pure Link Fans with Apple HomeKit and Siri Shortcuts support

Last year I bought two Dyson Pure Link Fans.

I chose the ‘Link’ Dyson fans because these specifically had the Wifi connection, which is a novelty, but convenient.

It was a little bit of a hack to setup automations and Siri Shortcuts to work with Apple HomeKit, but there’s a way to get it working.

Some useful ways I’ve configured my Dyson Pure Link fan:

1. Connect Dyson to Wifi

First, you’ll want to connect your Dyson fan to Wifi.

For full instructions, see the Dyson manual.

2. Setup Voice Control

Next, you’ll want to setup Voice Control – Siri Shortcuts.

  1. From the Dyson Settings panel, choose Voice Control
  2. Then, press Add new shortcut
  3. Set your preferred presets, then press Add to Siri
  4. Then give the shortcut a name under When I say.

3. Open Siri Shortcuts

Next, you’ll want to hack the Shortcut.

  1. Open Siri Shortcuts app. You might need to download it if you don’t have it already.
  2. Open the Shortcut that the app created – it will have the Dyson icon.
    Click the three dots to edit. Tapping on the tile will simply run the shortcut, not edit it.
  3. On the shortcut editor, tap and hold on the Dyson icon for the specific action. Tap Copy.

4. Configure Automations

  1. Open the Apple Home App. Navigate to the Automations panel.
  2. Create a new Automation
  3. Select basic triggers e.g. When Anyone Arrives Home
  4. Select at least One other device in your home e.g. Light
  5. Tap Convert to Shortcut
  6. Tap the icon next to the other accessory and Paste Below (this is the Dyson action you copied before).
  7. Your Dyson can now turn on alongside other Home Devices.

Important: For these automations to work, the iPhone or iPad that has the Dyson app configured typically must be on the same network i.e. the automation may fail when you’re not at home – but generally in my experience, this continues to work.

Until Dyson bring full Apple HomeKit support, this hack will help you create scenes and automations to make your life easier.

For the past six months, I rarely turn on or off my Dyson because it’s configured according to my routine.

Considering buying a Dyson Pure Link fan?

Be mindful to choose the ‘Link’ Dyson – other fans do not support the App Siri Shortcuts.

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