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LIFX Apple HomeKit LED Lightstrip

Multiple colours all at once. Experience the effect of Polychrome™ Lightstrip can have on your home.

LIFX Apple HomeKit LED Lightstrip

Who is LIFX Apple HomeKit LED Lightstrip for?

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What are the benefits of LIFX Apple HomeKit LED Lightstrip?

  • Full Color with Polychrome Technology
  • Modular design
  • No bridge required
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  • 6.6' smart light strip kit - can cut to length or add additional strips later.
  • Rich color combinations, and tunable white for bias lighting - protect your eyes!
  • Polychrome Technology - 16 addressable zones that can animate with LIFX exclusive Effects library.
  • Control: Voice, Scheduling, Scenes, Effects (eg Move), Integrations and fade tools like Apple's adaptive lighting, Alexa light alarms or Google Sleep/Wake.
  • With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control from anywhere. No bridge or hub required. (Use 2.4GHz).




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