How to convert MP4 video files to M4A audio files on MacOS using Automator workflows

If you’ve got MP4 video files on MacOS, you can quickly convert your video to audio.

Don’t pay for software to convert videos to audio on MacOS.

With Automator Workflows, you can setup your own convenient shortcuts to convert videos within seconds.

How to

Learn how to setup an Automator Workflow to convert MP4 video to M4A audio quickly on MacOS.

1. Open Automator from the MacOS Applications or LaunchPad.

2. Create a New Document within the Automator Window.

3. Tap on Quick Action and press Choose.

4. Change the ‘Workflow receives current’ dropdown to ‘Movie files’.

5. In the Actions panel, click ‘Movies’ then double-tap the ‘Encode Media’ that appears.

Alternatively, you can drag the ‘Encode Media’ to the empty space in the right-hand panel.

6. Under the new ‘Encode Media’ section in the right-hand panel, change the ‘Setting’ to ‘Audio Only’.

7. Press File then Save…

8. Give the Automation a name, for example: “Extract Audio”, then press Save.

Running your Quick Action

Now, when you’re in Finder, Command + Click on the MP4 files, choose Quick Actions.

From here, you’ll easily be able to convert to audio.

It’s as easy as that to get your audio files, within seconds.

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