How to Turn OFF MacOS Big Sur Desktop Icons (and back ON again).

As a computer power user, I love to do a lot of things — coding, photoshop, design, publishing, documents, excel, data analysis, and the list goes on.

I find that my MacOS desktop starts to get cluttered, and it stresses me.

I have a huge 43″ Phillips 4K screen, I want every pixel to look beautiful.

The best hack I could share for MacOS is how to hide your desktop icons.

Watch this tutorial to see how easy it is.

Hide the desktop icons

1. Open MacOS Terminal — click on the search icon and type “terminal”

Search is located up the top right, near the time.
Type “terminal” to open the Terminal application

2. To turn OFF the desktop icons, copy and paste the following:

defaults write CreateDesktop false; killall Finder

That’s it. You can find all of your desktop files in Finder, just like before.

Your files are still there — in the Finder window under ‘Desktop’ folder.

Doesn’t this just look beautiful, zero clutter.

My screen is so big, you can barely see the toolbar at the top. But it’s beautiful.
It’s so pretty.

Changing it back

To turn the desktop icons back ON, type this instead:

defaults write CreateDesktop true; killall Finder
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